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校庆系列讲座通知:Key Enabling Technologies for 5G Wireless Networks

主讲人 :An Liu(Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) 地点 :教四楼337会议室 开始时间 : 2015-05-29 10:00 结束时间 : 2015-05-29 12:00

讲座题目:Key Enabling Technologies for 5G Wireless Networks: Compressive Signal Processing, PHY Caching and Multi-timescale RRM

主讲人:An Liu(Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

主持人:魏翼飞  滕颖蕾



To meet the ever increasing wireless traffic demand, many new wireless technologies, such as massive MIMO, heterogeneous network, and cloud radio access network (C-RAN), have been proposed for future 5G wireless networks. These technologies can significantly improve the spectral efficiency by increasing the number of antennas or base stations (BSs) per unit area. However, they also suffer from huge implementation costs and more severe interference. In this talk, we propose a solution framework which contains three key technologies, namely the compressive signal processing, physical layer (PHY) caching and multi-timescale radio resource management (RRM), to address the aforementioned issues of 5Gwireless networks. For each technology, we will elaborate the motivation, the basic concepts, the technical challenges, and the solutions using example applications in 5G wireless networks. We will also discuss the potential impact on the industry and some new research opportunities.

  An Liu received the Ph.D. and the B.S. degree (Distinguished Graduate in Beijing City) in Electrical Engineering from Peking University, China, in 2011 and 2004 respectively. From 2008 to 2010, he was a visiting scholar at the Department of ECEE, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. From 2011 to 2013, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Department of ECE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and he is currently a Research Assistant Professor. His research interests include Wireless Communications (focusing on 5G wireless networks), Stochastic Optimization, Advanced RRM and Interference Mitigation, and Compressive Sensing. His industry experience includes one year's internship at Intel China Research Center Beijing, and 2 years' R&D experience as a Chief Technician and one of the Founders in D-rate Corporation, Beijing. He has contributed to 8 US/CN patents (6 of them have been issued) on wireless systems and signal processing. Academically, he has published 14 papers on IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, one paper on IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and many IEEE conference papers. He has served as Session Chair or the Member of Technical Program Committees for several major IEEE conferences in wireless communications, such as IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC.